Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller


Dance, chant, texts and costume: Janet Rühl
Live-music, composition and scenery: Arnd Müller
Production: SonusDos Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller
Management: Mireia Reig
Cooperation: Ca L´Estruch Ajuntament de Sabadell
Premiere: 17. April 2010, Sporting Club , Valencia

Voice+ is the result to bring together dance, voice and electronic sound-treatment to a performance.

Voice+ is a compact piece, that stretches time wise and spatially in a clear and with-travelling rhythm. The voice plays with the text and as it is the fundamental element like in the opera take place in the scenic construction.

Voice+ is a type of concert with two protagonists and a technical stage-element: a singing dancer, a music making dancer and a microphone as third and connective object.

Voice+ is a performance intended for a scenic or not-scenic area with interesting acoustics.

The computer picks up the live voice and reproduces it directly digitally changed. Microphone, movement and voice are so together connected that a self generating structure will be created.
This dialogue between dancer and music forms the basis for the dance. The body follows the music and expresses emotions and feelings visually, that originate from the sound-scenery. The choreography is based on the sounds, songs, rhythms and melodies.

The two artists on the stage are connected over the sounds, which they share with the public. The performance needs the proximity of the public so that the spectator has the same engaging sound-experience like the actors on the stage. The voice and this reinforced changed sound offer a well balanced sound-experience.

The performance is not impromptu nor is it established... it is flexible. The performers are flexibly interconnected over the acoustic media.

Content of this music – dance – poetry - performance is the time. The time, which creates everyone itself and everybody feels different. Sometimes, the time passes fast or slow. Sometimes, one forgets the time and sometimes, one counts the seconds.

The time is a mania of the human being, either the time always immediately passes or it doesn't exist. The only one that changed is the intensity and the way to life and to feel it.

The singer sings in German - her mother tongue - to pronounce the words, texts and songs authentically.

A sign of the times
The stars are far
Try to understand
In the continues
... and the time knows... everything

Ein Zeichen der Zeit
Die Sterne sind weit
Versuch zu Verstehen
Im weitergehen
... und die Zeit weiß ... alles

This song doesn't correspond to any style-type, it´s not aria neither jazz nor chanson, neither pop, musical... it is not impromptu nor established... but flexible.

Increasing denseness, speed and intensity, another song is created from uncertain genre, that song reminds something like pop.

Eternally already
The stars stand there in the heaven
A sign
If we could understand them
Stand still once! You will see!
Which direction they show you

Ewig schon
Stehen die Sterne da am Himmel
Ein Signal
Wenn wir sie verstehen könnten
Bleib mal steh´n! Du wirst seh´n
Welche Richtung sie dir zeigen

Like in the opera it is not from importance to know the text into the detail, the sound of the voice, the music and the movement transmit the content. Because poetry, dance and music are not received over the mind alone, it opens up to the spectator and listener a wide field of enjoying and interpretation of the performance.

Eternity is a long time
Take your time!

Lange Zeit ist Ewigkeit
Nimm Dir die Zeit!