Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller

Trying out

(Premiere: Dias de Danza Barcelona, Juli 2003, Duration: 10 min.)


Composition and Violin: Lidia Viñes Curtis

Choreography and Dance: Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller

Photos: Jörg Bräuer


The duo „Trying out“ has a direct relation to the architectural forms where it takes place. It was created for „Dias de Danza“ in the Caixaforum of Barcelona and needs as stage a specific architecture. Two bodies dance in a building with all the corners, stairs, levels, shapes, walls and tilts. The choreography works with the space: detailed and exact – small parted and accurate. With elements of Contact Improvisation not only the body of the dance partner becomes a dance platform but also the building itself with all the stones, angles, blocks and landings.

The Spanish composer and violin player Lidia Viñés Curtis created a music piece about movements in space. She performs this piece live and in connection with the sound articulation of the exceptional space.