Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller

Sangre Verde - Grünes Blut

Foto: CO&FP

Grey, my friend, is all the theory
And green the golden tree of life.

Choreography, Direction and Dance:
Janet Rühl, Arnd Müller
Artistically Collaboration:
Fernando Pelliccioli, Carlos Osatinsky
Wolf Niedermayer
Paco Beltrán
Janet Rühl
Set design:
Arnd Müller
Kompanie Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller
  Fani Benages Projectos Artistics
Co production:
Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
  Tanzbühne Dresden e.V.
  Kulturamt Memmingen
Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten Köln



“Sangre Verde – Grünes Blut“

Sangre Verde - Grünes Blut is a homage to the nature. Forests, trees and from the nature inspired movements and choreographys are the basis of this dance piece.








"In this piece we see our society with a critical view,a society which more and more produces distance to the nature and with this process becoming more strange to itself."

Premiere: 21.4.2006, Mercat de las Flors, Barcelona

Video available.


Foto: CO&FP

..............and the forests are singing forever, the birds making music and the insects are humming, till the humans come with axe and engine saw, to interrupt this orchestra, that all the leaves are trembling.....................

Foto: CO&FP