Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller


Choreography and Dance: Janet Rühl, Arnd Müller

Composition and Violin: Lidia Viñes Curtis

Sampler and Sounds: Edu Gur

Set design and Lightdesign: Ariane Isabell Unfried, Rifail Ajdarpasic

Costume: Mido Kawamura

Foto: d´Heureuse/Müller

A dialog with the past, communication with our parents and their parents, our grandparents.

Which experiences of our ancestors coined and shaped us? Which topics, words, discussions formed our thinking? Who taught us to walk, to see, to turn? Who caught us in the jump from the swing? Who gave us the confidence? From whom we have learned things to designate and to evaluate? Which feelings, feeling positions, emotions, changed over to us from our ancestors?

Foto: David Ruano

A dialog with the voices within us. A transformation of our internal dialog in physical movement, into the space and in music. 

Voices and sentences in our heads, behind our eyes, language melodies from different linguistic regions. Temper, experience, emotion of the language detached from contents (perhaps like a baby hears). Following the linguistic modulations, finding contents from the movement and from the music. Space is homeland, a workstation at which we had home feelings. A trusted friend area with us lovely articles and objects. A white neutral space, filled with homeland. A camper, at one side cut open, with complete interior arrangement.

Foto: David Ruano

At home am I, where I love. 

At home am I, where I feel good. 

Foto: David Ruano

The base for the development of the movement material, the music and the configuration were contents, dialogs and voices from the film “Die Zweite Heimat” (Chronic about a German family from 1900 to nowadays) by Edgar Reitz. The film and its stories was used as a pool of inspirations, which leads, energises and fed us dancers, musicians and stage designers. As dancers we answer with our bodies to contents. The musicians transform texts and language with violin and mixer into melodies and tendencies. The stage designers create spaces, which can be HOMELAND.

Foto: David Ruano

„HomeLand“ is co-produced with Tanztage Berlin 2002, „La Porta“ Barcelona and the Goethe Institute Barcelona.