Janet Rühl / Arnd Müller

02 - 04

Dance pieces for electro acoustic music

Choreography and Dance:

Janet Rühl, Arnd Müller


José Manuel Berenguer (Barcelona), Eric La Casa (Paris), Patrick Kosk (Helsinki)

"02 - 04" unites two duos and four solos created between 2002 and 2004 by the dancers and choreographers Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller. The style and the kind of expression of the pieces are very different. The performance shows in one evening a wide spectrum of dance expression in correlation to the music. The connecting element is the electro acoustic music of contemporary composers from Barcelona, Paris and Helsinki. In this music which has been mainly developed with computers, Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller found a correspondence to their own choreographic research: the abstract processing of a musical idea in the computer in relation to the choreographic solution of an emotional and/or specific content in the dance.

Premiere: Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten Köln, March 2004, Duration: 60 min

The piezes:

Árboles (Duration: 10:31 min.)

Music: Eric La Casa "Fragments de mémoires part 2", Choreography: Arnd Müller, Dance: Janet Rühl, Arnd Müller

"J´ai échangé l´écorce de mon corps contre la peau des arbres, et je me sens de plus en plus redevenir forêt."

"J´ai vu la forêt s´envoler."

Jephan de Villiers


Go! Forward (Duration: 7:11 min.)

Music: José Manuel Berenguer "Toké", Choreography and Dance: Janet Rühl

The choreography of "Go! Forward" is oriented at the arches and repetitions of the composition. The dancer is challenged by the music’s precision and speed. The well working transmission of the composition "Toké" provokes the dancer. Without being rushed she maintains in the constant danger of being taken over by the music or even to take over the music.


Dauer (Duration: 11:07 min.)

Music: Patrick Kosk "Ice Bice", Choreography: Janet Rühl, Dance: Arnd Müller

…the space extends…there is help and everything comes flooding luck and life….a cycle, a crazy small cycle and a moody short time…generous, difficult to understand and open to all directions...LIBERTY!


transForma 2 (Duration: 10:46 min.)

Music: José Manuel Berenguer "T´ai chi time", Choreography: Iris Sputh, Dance: Janet Rühl

"transForma 2" documents the transformation of a dancing body from abstraction to objectivity.


The dancer references space and music, searching her own world and vocabulary stimulated by the rhythm, sounds and accents of José Manuel Berenguer’s music.


The dance matures into concentrated movements full of details, sharpness and virtuosity.


La nativité (Duration: 9 min.)

Music: Eric La Casa "La nativité", Choreography and Dance: Arnd Müller



Musicapse (Duration: 9:30 min.)

Music: José Manuel Berenguer "Musicapse", Choreography: Janet Rühl, Dance: Arnd Müller, Janet Rühl

The topics of "Musicapse" are circular arches and spirals in largest proximity and furthest distance. The sequences of the music spiraling themselves to circular paths, as celestial bodies, which hold together by their own forces and move in eternal distances. As the stars have their way in the sky and therefore shine continuously, motion is the signification for the choreography which gives their expression to the two dancers.